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Turbo Installation Guide

Pre-installation checklist:


1. If the old turbocharger was consuming extreme amount of oil, there will be oil trapped in the bottom of the intercooler, which will need to be removed and cleaned or it will continue to burn oil after the installation of the new turbocharger.


2. It may be necessary to inspect/replace the catalyst converter for clogging due to burnt oil, broken turbine shaft or broken turbocharger parts. In some cases a restricted converter will cause high exhaust temperatures and possibly damage the engine and/or the turbocharger.


3. Check the oil drain line for kinking, clogging, restrictions or any other deterioration and replace as necessary. We highly recommend replacing the oil feed supply line and not reusing the old line even if it seems reusable. Debris or oil coking may restrict oil supply and cannot be removed by chemicals. If a restricted oil supply line damaged the previous turbo, it will damage the rebuilt turbo as well. Contact local dealership for purchasing replacement

Installation & Pre-Oiling:

1. Using new gaskets/O-rings, install the turbocharger on the engine without connecting the compressor inlet & oil supply line. Secure the nuts/bolts attaching the turbocharger to the exhaust manifold using the manufacturers recommended settings.

    (Sealing & jointing compounds are not recommended).


2. Clean or replace engine air filter, debris can be dislodged from a dirty air filter or intake hose when installing turbocharger. Foreign objects will damage new/rebuilt turbocharger and not be covered under warranty.


3. Manually prime the turbocharger with the recommended engine oil.


4. Rotate the compressor wheel by hand. If there is any indication of rubbing or scraping, identify the cause and correct before starting the engine.


5. Disable the ignition and crank the engine to prime turbocharger and ensure that oil flows freely through the oil outlet hole, then connect the oil drain pipe.


6. Connect the air ducting from the outlet of the air filter to the compressor inlet.


7. Start the engine and allow to idle for 3-4 minutes checking for oil, air and exhaust leaks

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